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Krav Maga - Self-Protection and Fitness for the REAL WORLD and Real Life Situations! Krav Maga is all about skill and technique! Learn how to take down a much larger opponent.

At Elite Martial Arts & Family Krav-Maga Center of Kirkland and Bellevue, our Krav Maga classes provides training that teaches you how to realistically defend yourself and your family from any possible attack situation regardless of their size and/or strength. This amazing skill allows anyone to defend themselves against a much larger or stronger attacker whether or not they have a weapon!

"Love the workout and the feeling of security I have gotten from the training. Real world self defense concepts are exactly what I was looking for. The level of instruction and the years of experience they bring to the classes is the best available. It's safe, very enjoyable and the results are well worth the investment of time, energy and money." - David D.

"I have tried several styles of traditional martial arts and did some MMA training before joining Kirkland Krav Maga. I have to say, this is a totally different level of training. The drills are high energy and every class we are learning skills that could potentially safe our lives. I work in a pretty rough part of town and I feel so much more confident now since beginning in class." - Jason L.

"Totally butt-kicking workout with the right amount of hands on self defense training where you get to learn, practice and become proficient with the techniques and drills without getting hurt or feeling uncomfortable. I have lost weight, gained a sense of accomplishment and I always look forward to getting back on the mat." - L. Park

"I wish I would have known about Kirkland Krav Maga 10 years ago! My fitness level is at an all time high and I have improved my mental toughness alot. I deal with security issues at my job and although I don't normally have to call on the skills I have learned in class, my ability and confidence shows." - Richard S. (age 53)

Real Life Attack Situations come fast and furious - Krav Maga was designed by and for the Elite Israeli Defense Force - a group of soldiers who are constantly putting this knowledge to the test and entrusting their lives to the advantage it provides them with. Wouldn't YOU like to have that Exact Same Advantage for yourself as well as your family?

Law enforcement agencies and Military branches such as the NAVY SEALS, ARMY RANGERS and the CIA have all adopted many components of the Krav Maga system to help keep themselves safe and to help keep themselves in TOP NOTCH PHYSICAL CONDITION!

Our program will teach you the techniques used to defend against the most common street attacks. Learn to defend against ordinary chokes, grabs, punches, kicks, bear hugs and head locks, as well as weapons such as guns, knives and sticks.


UNMATCHABLE SELF-DEFENSE - Our Krav Maga Program offers real world defensive tactics designed to quickly develop your ability to protect yourself and the people you care about the most - your family.

LEARN HOW TO STRIKE - Develop and hone your striking skills (punching, kicking, knees, elbows) to the highest level possible. This is the REAL DEAL!

- You'll soon see that our classes are also an intense and full body workout. We'll help you get into GREAT SHAPE while you learn the skills that could potentially save your life and our students have alot of fun!

Our Staff is the BEST!

You'll be impressed with our fantastic staff! Everybody here at Elite Martial Arts & Family Krav-Maga Center of Kirkland and Bellevue has been professionally trained to teach you everything you'll need to be successful here. They are all professional martial artists that are passionate about helping you to achieve your goals. You'll be comfortable knowing that everything you're taught is being taught safely and properly so that you can learn quickly, get into great shape and avoid injuries.

Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Our instructors will teach and develop a style that works best for you.

Out of shape or never exercised a day in your life? At Elite Martial Arts & Family Krav-Maga Center of Kirkland and Bellevue, our professional instructors will work with you to help you reach your all of your goals. Our martial arts expertise combined with our experience and knowledge in physical fitness and tactical self defense have helped students become winners as well as lose weight and get into shape.

"I'm completely enjoying the training at Kirkland Krav Maga. I've seen a huge increase in my stamina and overall fitness since starting there about 3 months ago. I really appreciate the details that are taught and the drills every class really help get the practical self defense application I have been looking for. There are martial arts and self defense programs all over town but this program is different. I really had to experience it first hand to understand what it was all about. Now I tell everyone I know about what a great workout and exciting skill set I am developing. The instruction is of the highest caliber and they are always willing to take the time to go over anything that the class is having trouble with. Every class I feel more and more confident with protecting myself and my family. This is truly a huge part of my overall healthy living plan and something I look forward to every week. When I travel out of town, I always am excited to get back into class and learn more. It's a perfect balance of conditioning, skills training and modern, effective self defense for anyone looking to learn quick and see results fast." - Joel F.

"I can't get enough of the classes at Kirkland Krav Maga! From the first day I have lost over 40 pounds and gotten back into the physical shape I was at nearly 10 years ago. The more I train, the stronger I feel and each week I am able to push myself harder and harder. I remember that in the first session I attended, I could barely complete 10 pushups. My core and upper body strength were miserable. Within the first month and a half I managed to get all the way up to a set of 50 without even pausing and I am toning up every muscle group. Originally, I thought it would be something fun to try out for a few weeks and learn something about self defense. Right away I was hooked. I have always lacked confidence especially during any kind of confrontation. I have never seen a workout quite like Krav Maga. It is so different than anything else I've tried in the past. Great workout for the body, huge boost for mental toughness and it's so enjoyable to train with such a great group of people and fun, friendly instructors that know what they are talking about. I plan on continuing on with the program and it has become one of my favorite activities outside of family time." - Susan

With nothing to lose and everything to gain...

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